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The Story of my Life: Starring Jesus

God has been speaking SO loud to my heart on this lately so I wanted to share a glimpse of what is finally starting to “click” in my brain and in my life. It’s something I knew in my head, but hadn’t quite made it down into my heart yet, which is where it HAS to be in order for anything else to matter or make sense.

Are you ready for this grand revelation? For this life-changing knowledge? (Can you sense my sarcasm ) here it is: It’s not about me. I shocked me too lol but let me tell you what, for as simple a truth as that is, it is not always an easy one.

What do you mean I have to lay down MY dreams to follow Yours God? What do you mean that my seasons of suffering and waiting are not even about me? Do you not see me? My hurt, my frustration, my struggles? I know You love me, I know Your good, but this doesn’t feel like it right now. So why? Why does God let us go through pain and suffering and hardship?

Why does He sometimes ask us to surrender the things that mean the MOST to us? Because He has bigger plans. He has a bigger story and He can see all of it, while we just catch a glimpse. In the moment, we may not understand why God is allowing something to happen or why He is asking us to do something, but as a wise friend reminded me recently, I cannot base my trust in God off of my feelings, because human emotion is SO unstable. But God, He is unchanging & eternal, and so much more capable of orchestrating a beautiful and redemptive story in my life than I ever could be, even on my best days.

God has shown me so much lately that the hurts and hardships I’ve endured, He can use them for good, to help others and to reflect His glory! The things I am so afraid to let go of, He’s got something better. Because the “story” of my life was never about me, it’s not my story, it’s His, it’s always been His, since the very beginning of time. Everything points to Jesus💗

And the more I lay it all down, the more I get out of my own way and instead let His strength, and His love, and His work, and His light shine through me, the more I can participate in the greatest story ever told. The story of God’s unending love for us and that’s a story worth telling.

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