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Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Immediately. That has been a reoccurring word in scripture for me lately. Often when we hear the word “immediately” we think of being rushed, something that has to get done right away. But in this meaning of the word, I am starting to see that perhaps what God is trying to tell us is not to doubt anymore, not to fear; but to leave those things behind immediately and forevermore!

Trusting in God is HARD, I struggle with it daily, and yet He continuously pursues me and reminds me of the reasons why I can. He has good plans for His children, and when He calls us to follow Him immediately, to be immediately amazed, to immediately throw down our coats and pick up our staffs; it is really a call to trust in Him! To leave that doubt and fear in the dust and place our full confidence in the one who knows our hearts and desires to bring us true joy! . He is a good, good Father friends and even in the midst of confusion and mystery, disappointments, setbacks, regrets, and fear; He is with us, and He has purposed it all for good 💛 Immediately. Right now. Let’s all choose to let go of our “stuff” whatever your stuff may be, and to step into full faith, trust, and hope in our God again 💕For He is a good, good Father Indeed 🙏🏼 (P.S. so honored and blessed to be part of this super cool project helping to share God’s goodness 🤗💛) Through Him, for Him

Always, Nicole 💕

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