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God of THIS

A friend and mentor sent me a sermon this morning that spoke so directly and personally to my soul, you know, the way God does. It talked about how God isn't just the God of what has been, the God of all you have, and all you've lost, and what is to come. Yes, He is the God of all those things too. He is I AM. But what I so desperately needed to be reminded of was that He is also the God of this.

He is the God of this very moment this moment where I feel like I have lost so much and fallen so far, God reminds me that He is infinitely & exceedingly abundant. His ability to bless, redeem, and restore what has been broken does not have a limit. He is the God of this. What is this? It's what I have, right now, today. Everything comes from God and therefore everything belongs to God. My response to God is what I choose to do with the exceedingly abundant blessings He has given me in this season, to lift my eyes to Him, and to be overflowing with thankfulness and praise because of who He is and what He has done for me. Hallelujah!

The God of this. This time to spend with my family. This time to pour faith and hope in the lives of those around me. This time alone to grow ever-stronger in my relationship with Christ. This season in which to be still, listen, and obey as God takes me from glory to glory. This is what God has given me, and it is enough to fulfill His purposes for me in this season. God knows what His children need, He would not leave me empty-handed, but it is up to me to use what He has given me here. "

"His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness" (2 Peter 1:3)

If you're like me, sometimes God will bring you to nothing but a stump in order that you may flourish in His much better soil. But even in the barren seasons, without shade, without flourishing, without fruit; He will see the root of you and nourish it. In His tender love, He will whisper to the little plant of your soul, the dry bones of your heart, and in His oh so very deliberate and perfect timing, He will once again cause a sprout to push up past the dirt. And the flower that comes forth will be 100x's more beautiful than the former. He is the God of this. This moment where He is working so fiercely behind the scenes in the secret, beautiful places of your heart, where His most amazing miracles can be displayed.

My heart is fluttering for my God's love tonight. It's like having butterflies for a boy you like, except 1000x's better. Because this love, this love encompasses all that I am, and loves me for every single part of me. This love knows me, all of me, and loves me fully. This love is mine, and I am His. This love is eternal, steadfast, and unchanging. It is a love that allows me to rest in arms of peace, knowing that His ways are above my ways, and His ways are good. Therefore, I do not need to fear, for "perfect love cast out fear"

Lord, forgive me when I doubt Your sovereignty and goodness. Help me to use all that You have given me to bring praise and glory to Your name Father. Thank you for the unexplainable amount of blessings you bestow upon me, for Your grace and mercy, and for being the God of it all. In Jesus' name. Amen <3


Nicole 💕

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