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God has equipped us with a very powerful weapon...Himself! His Holy Spirit living

within us! Through Him, we can do all things which He has called us too, and we 

can stand in confidence that "His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12:9)"

There is nothing in our past, nothing that we face today, and nothing that will come 

in our future that God is not able to handle. He is bigger than our doubts, fears,

mistakes, and abilities. He is our true source of strength and confidence in all things. Take courage today knowing that the God of the universe is on your side. He fights for you, and equips you for every battle, every season, and every victory in His name!

Today's Prayer:

Lord, thank you that You have equipped me to face all things in Your 

strength. Let me draw my source of confidence from You alone, and 

remind me of who I am in You. Thank you for all that You have done for 

me, so that I may walk in victoriously in You Jesus. I love you and I praise You.

In Jesus' name, Amen <3

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