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Updated: Feb 23, 2019

What will they think? What if I’m bad? What if I don’t compare to the other singers? As I entered worship tonight, those were my thoughts; so anxious, so self-absorbed, so self-conscious. I’m not good enough. She’s better. She’s prettier. She’s had more practice. I’ll never be able to. I can’t. Words that rang though my head all day. Friends, I need these reminders tonight too: 1. That it’s not about us 2.That we don’t live to impress the world 3. That the joy of using the gifts God gave us, is found in how they serve others I witnessed all three of these things tonight first hand. 1. It doesn’t matter how bad, or good, I sound, how many likes I get on this post, how many followers on social media, how many people know my name. And this has been HARD for me, as someone who has always sought attention and fulfillment from others; learning to let go and to find that deep fulfillment in coming to know Christ on a deeper and more personal level, because that is the only place I will ever truly find it. 2. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others and their journeys, and I am the QUEEN of this. God has you right where He has you for a reason, stop wishing you were someone else, because no one else can be you and do the exact, wonderful, amazing things that God has planned for you to do in the exact, wonderful, amazing way that you’re going to do them. So love yourself! Love that God made you in His likeness! Love that He knew you before you were born. Love that He loves you enough to give you a special and unique light to bring into this world, and then use it to bless others with His love! Pour it out friends 💗 3. As soon as I started singing tonight, I forgot all of my fears and doubts and comparisons and listened to the prayer of our worship leader before we started; that our gifts are to honor God, and to serve as a light to others, that they might know, and love, and honor Him too 💛 My heart got caught up in Jesus tonight, which was a beautiful release that it has needed desperately lately. I hope that you will discover and use your own gifts and talents to bless the lives of others, to serve God, and to live in the fullness of His love for you 💗 Always, Nicole 💕

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