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Abiding in His Guiding

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

I think we all get lost sometimes, perhaps more often than we'd care to admit, but something I have been reminded of recently is that although we may feel completely lost all-together; we never truly are. For there is someone much greater, who knows exactly where you are, who has divinely-woven every step amongst your trails; even the ones you end up on by mistake.

There is one who calls you found, calls you His, calls you loved, calls you redeemed, calls you worthy, calls you back to Him again. There is one whose love is so relentless that no matter how far off the path you've gone, it is never too far for Him to reach you. Imagine that kind of love. I've doubted it a lot recently, but tonight God reminded me of just how tender His heart is for us. I'm not sure why we doubt His love, why we run from Him, why we struggle to trust His goodness, and fight to surrender our lives; for myself perhaps it is that I don't feel worthy. But He calls me child and He will not stop pursuing me until I believe it.

What a beautiful God I know. I hope you know Him too. If you don't, try saying hello, I promise He's listening. The most beautiful part is that He knows us already. He knows me fully and completely. All of my mistakes, my pride, and my fears; and yet He calls me child, yet He still chooses me. He chooses me again, and again, and again, even when I don't choose Him. Can you imagine that kind of love? I couldn't either before I knew Jesus, and although I lost sight of Him for awhile, He never lost sight of me. He has been right by my side the whole entire time, and He always will be; all we have to do is look for Him, and seek Him with our whole hearts.

If you are feeling lost, don't worry, because we are never truly lost. Abide in Christ, and He will give you rest, peace, and restoration. He will fill your heart again with joy and speak truth into your life again. He calls us friend, child, beloved. My heart sings with joy and thankfulness tonight for God and a Savior who are my assurance and confidence through all of life's storms.

Blessed be our God! 💛

"Abide in me and I in you"

John 15:4


Nicole 💕

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